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Your Consultant is Jamie Perico

My Story

Hi Everyone! I was introduced to Scensty in 2010 and I loved the decorative warmers that I could choose to fit into any room in my house and it was alternative around my two young girls who are curious about everything and my two dogs and cat . I loved the products and scents so much I wanted to share it with my family and friends who have not yet heard about Scentsy. I can enjoy the scents of candles and not worry about my daughter burning herself on the fire or the hot wax or leaving the house and worrying if I left the candle burning.   Why Scentsy is a safer alternative: No open flames No fire No soot No smoke after you blow out the flame No empty jars with partially unburned wax to throw out   What Scentsy can offer you is: A safe way to enjoy new scents A beautiful warmer to place wherever you want, no worry about open flames Allows mixing of scents to personalize An inexpensive way to enjoy changing scents in your home, office or apartment A great night light too And it makes a lovely gift everyone will enjoy!   This is an awesome concept and I'm sure that you'll enjoy the Scentsy experience as much as I do! For those who would love to have a beautiful warmer in their home and enjoy the pleasure of a different scent any time you want, you're in the right place!   Thanks for taking the time to view my page and please contact me with any questions and if you are interested in hosting a party and earning free product!   Jamie <!--endbody-->